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Bored of using the same monotonous text style that your keyboards are bound to provide you? You may be craving a change after scoring your eyes by seeing the usual standard font, devoid of any coolness, on your screens daily. Why not sprinkle some life into this dull text and make it look a bit cool and awesome? Because we are here again with yet another incredibly awesome tool i.e. Cursed Text Generator. Never heard of it before? Keep on scrolling down our webpage to know more about this amazing new tool!

Cursed Font Generator does the art of creating void and cursed-looking text by using different Unicode Characters. If you want to add some spice of strangeness to your text, then indeed this generator is all that you need.

Steps To Use Our Trendy Cursed Font Generator

Now if you are thinking that you may need to be experienced or need some special training to learn how to use this generator, well then, you are wrong. Because just a few simple steps that you need to follow and leave the rest to fantastic Creepy Text generator. The following are the required steps:

  • First enter the text in the generator box.
  • Adjust the craziness level of the text by using the slider on the craziness meter.
  • Hit the generate button and get your creepy, cursed text in the output box within seconds.

To alter the level of craziness and the extent to which your text is messed up, use the slider on the craziness meter to adjust things the way you desire. To increase or decrease the intensity of the mess created, the height of the jumbled text, simply slide the slider along the meter and your work will be accomplished.

How Does This Cool Generator Work?

When the question is about the tale behind the mechanical working of this generator, the answer is always Unicode. Unicode, being an international standard system, has developed not only numerous specific characters but also certain symbols and marks called diacritics. The real story behind the wonder it creates is that it manipulates the characters by mingling and stacking them together, adding multiple diacritical marks above, below and in the middle of the text, giving the text a final look of malformation and distortion.

You can use these Unicode-generated strangely cursed text on almost all the social media interfaces. However, when you can’t copy and paste the text at some specific website, it is not because there is something wrong with the generator but instead it is due to the fact that that particular platform does not support Unicode characters.

Features Of This Demonic And Cursed Sentence Generator

This reliable and simple to use generator is representing a transition in the field of art and craft as the adoption of digital art is becoming popular nowadays. It possesses considerable  features that make it not only user friendly but also far more promising than other similar tools. These distinctive features are as follows:

Free Of Cost

This amazing cursed text generator is completely free of cost. Yes, you have heard right because this generator works without any need for even a single penny to be expended. Furthermore, you don’t need any subscription or to pay for premium accounts before using it.


Users get the bonus in the form of a craziness meter that is provided along with the generator for free. It makes it possible for everyone to adjust the level of creepiness and the craziness of the final text.

Runs On All Devices

PCs, laptops , mobile phones, tablets or whatever device you have, this generator works smoothly on all of them i.e. It is all devices-friendly.

Good Quality

The process of manipulating fonts with our cursed font translator is unique and intriguing.This generator is professionally designed to meet the users demands and directives of good quality.

Easy To Operate

This generator doesn’t involve complicated procedures to create a cursed text. All you have to do is to simply enter the text and then just copy and paste on any platform. Way too simple, isn’t it?

The results of this generator that makes your text look all glitchy, bizarre and defective to the eye is why this cursed text is also referred to as Zalgo text, demonic text or Satanic text. And for some reason, this generator is sometimes called Zalgo text generator, Demonic Text Generator or Satanic text generator. And itโ€™s all because nowadays meme creators use this demonic Zalgo theme to add some creepiness to their memes. 

Advantages Of Cursed Text Maker

Quick results: Our cursed text generator will provide you its best results in just a blink of an eye because only a few seconds are needed for it to do its work.

No ads: Besides being faster, this superb tool doesn’t waste your time with irritating ads because our webpage is ads-free.

No random websites opening: Sometimes working on some websites directs the browsing page to multiple, random and useless web pages that not only wastes the time of the user but are also a source of frustration for them. The generator available on our webpage doesn’t let such irksome websites open midway. 

Easy and Simple to use: It provides the users with a smooth experience as no special hack is needed for its function which makes it easier and simple to operate.


The above stated distinctive features and advantages offered by our stylish and fancy cursed font generator prove that it is, without any doubt, the best tool that you will come across online. The defective-looking distorted text made by this generator will allow the users to make their social media profiles and comment sections look strange. Not only will this cursed text attract the attention of those randomly scrolling through social media but will also gain you more followers by raising your popularity. Isnโ€™t this great?

In addition to this, the bizarre and strange jumbled text, created by this amazing tool, with superimposed characters that is incoherent to the human minds will double up the fun as some people may think that they have been hacked! 

No doubt that by using this generator you can enhance the uniqueness of your text by just a few clicks and in just a few seconds. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately visit our website and treat yourself with the work of this best cursed font generator.


Yes, it can be. The cursed text created by our generator can be used on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media apps without any limitations. Just copy the text and paste it anywhere you want.

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Indeed, it is safe and reliable  to use as our webpage doesn’t collect any data from the user.