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You too were scrolling through social media and then came to an abrupt halt with your jaws left open when you came across a creepy-looking, weird text ? And then your racing mind started wondering if it’s a sorcerer or some kind of incredible craft that people have? As expectedly, after attacking the browser, here you come to feed your curiosity with answers as to how you can too get your hands over this spooky glitch text. Yes, you have arrived at the right place i.e. Glitch Text Generator page!

Glitch Text Generator is actually that spell that you are looking for. Yes, a tool that will let you generate a text that is nothing but spooky and nasty looking, giving an impression as if it was a result of some malfunctioning. You are amazed that all it takes is a simple tool to do the miracle, right? But the point to be noted here is that this miracle cannot be done through your regular keyboards, Gboards or other specially featured keyboards that you have downloaded from the play store. To solve this problem of yours, we have come up with one of the best and easy to use Glitch Text Translator that will allow you to convert your regular, normal and non-creepy-looking text into creepy one, and your glitch text is ready for you to blast your social media comment sections with it.

How To Use Glitch Font Generator

All you have to do it is to follow the following steps for your text to look glitchy and error-stricken :

  • Copy the text that you want to be glitched and enter it in the translator input field.
  • Choose the Craziness level on the meter available below.
  • After it is transformed to glitchy-looking text, copy it by clicking on “copyโ€ at the top right corner of the outbox or copy it manually by pressing “Ctrl+ C” or by right clicking.
  • Go to your social media account where you want the text to be glitchy.
  • Paste the text there and treat yourself with this amazing and unique text.

The amount of distortion that is applied to the text can be controlled with the help of a craziness meter. Its level can be increased or decreased by using a slider on the meter to alter the level of intensity, amount, height of distortion and smudging of the transition elements that are scattered around the text, depending on to what extent you want the craziness. So you can give it a try and be amazed by the results of this spooky text creator.

Advantages Of Glitch Text Maker

  • This Glitch Effect text generator is easy and simple to use, allowing you to create unique and unusual glitch text online.
  • Glitch font creator will allow you to generate the text that seems distorted and smudged as if it’s been hacked in just few steps as mentioned above. All that is required is simple Copy and Pasting.
  • Using this digital text glitch generator will not lead you to random, stray websites thus providing you an irritating free experience.
  • The best thing about this animated glitch text generator copy and paste tool is that you will not have to experience frustrating and time wasting ads, providing you with ads-free experience.
  • You can use these discord glitch texts generated by this great translator in any social media app like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr without any difficulty. Only exceptions are those websites domains and email sites that don’t support these characters.
  • This malfunctioned, creepy text created by this Glitch text maker makes your usernames, content sections and your headers on social media accounts more conspicuous and prominent.

Features Of Glitch Text Translator

This amazing and easy to use unreadable text generator represents evolution in the field of digital art. It has a number of special features that make it not only user friendly but also better than other generator tools, which are as follows:

  • This glitch words generator is free of cost. It will literally not cost you even a single penny to use it to create glitchy, zalgo text.
  • You can use this tool on any device, be it your androids, iPhone, laptops, PCs or tabs, making this Glitch Text Generator for Roblox all devices friendly.
  • The art of manipulating fonts with this generator is cool and unique, the results of which fascinates others because the glitch text gives an image as if youโ€™ve been hacked but the genius knows that itโ€™s the art and craft of the glitch text creator online.

The results of this generator that makes your text look all glitchy,bizarre and spooky is why the words Zalgo or Glitch are attached to it. Because Zalgo is used by meme creators to convert their non-creep meme images into creepy ones . Not only this, but Zalgo is also fictional character that wreaks havoc in the world by killing the sanity and causing death and catastrophe everywhere. This demonic look of this text is one reason it is sometimes referred by some peope as Satanic text.

How Glitch Fonts Generator Works

Seeing bizarre, hacky text on social media and then getting one yourself by using this glitch text translator leaves you wondering how this fascinating tool actually works, right? Well the story goes back to Unicode  i.e. an international standard system that deals with the management of text, allowing manipulation of characters and having fun with the vast variety of diversities that can be applied to the text, making it bizarre looking. Unicode provides us with a large number for every character which distinguishes it from the other encoding systems. It invented a variety of marks called diacritics that can be added to the text to generate a diversity of fonts types.

This  text maker online uses the characters of the Unicode system to randomly stack together different diacritics around the words. It does this by writing the little dots, symbols or different curled lines or loops above, in the middle or below the text, giving it a final nasty and creepy appearance. These dots and lines are called diacritics and the final result we obtain is the glitch text. Diacritics were used in the past to help in the pronunciation of the letters but is now being used in the present to serve various different functions- the one example of which is to create creative font styles. In summary, it creates by smudging the characters over one another, generating art that human minds cannot understand and they tag it as fun but is the kind of language that is coherent to computers only.

So, Glitch text creator can make your text look weird, and when used on social media, it makes your texts or comments conspicuous, and your IDs stand out leaving people to wonder how you did this wonder. 


In the light of the above facts, the glitch font generator (or also called glitch text maker, glitch text translator or text creator, text maker for Roblox) provides us with an opportunity to make our text look more fascinating and eye capturing. Not only it makes your comments, your messages, profiles or username in Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WhatsApp more prominent but also at the same time, it leaves the people in awe making them wonder what kind of skill will be required for them to have the same kind of text.

No doubt, this glitch text that gives the impression of a printing error actually is source of attraction and fascination for others. But this text canโ€™t be used in Email or while generating a domain for website which does not mean an error in the translator but instead it is because such sites do not support these special characters. 

So, get your text glitchy using this translator and be ready to impress the people around the world by making your texts and fonts unique and distinctive.