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You can relate to the fact that sometimes while you were writing something down like an article, an essay, or even any college assignment, you felt this dire need to highlight or, in other words, I should say to bold the text to make it more prominent because either it was a key point or some other factor that needed emphasis. And sadly, neither the platform where you were writing this supported any tool that would help you in this regard, nor did your keyboards have this specific feature. Since this issue is common, we have designed an amazing Bold text generator to make things easier.

The bold font generator alters the Unicode characters by adding stroke weight to letters to create a text that gives the final look of thickened, doubled text. What are you waiting for if you want to make your text attention-grabbing, in whichever format it is? Read the steps below and get your bolded text generated within seconds.

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Steps to use Amazing and Stylish Bold Font Generator

Now you must be wondering what to do to generate a bold text. Well, it’s not that difficult because, with our amazing Big and Arial Bold Font Generator, you are just two steps away from creating your stylish, bold text. The only few steps that you need to follow are:

  • Write down the text you want to be bolded in the input box of the generator.
  • Choose the specific bold style you want.
  • Click the “Generate” button and see your text being bolded simultaneously in the output box.
  • Copy and then paste the output result of the generator wherever you need that bolded text.
  • Just 3 simple steps, and your text is ready! Sounds good. So, try this splendid Bold Text Generator on our website and get your text emphasised in just an instant.

Advantages of our Bold Letter and Writing Maker

Quick To Act

The copy and paste bold text and font generator provided by our web page provides you with its best results in just a flash. Close your eyes for a moment, and when you open them, there’s your bold font already waiting for you!

Relatively Free Of Cost

Now the question may arise in your mind: what must be the fare to use it? It’s free. You are shocked, right? But that’s the truth, you don’t need to spend even a single penny to generate your desired text with our italic and cursive type creator.

Ads Free

Another advantage of using this generator on our webpage is that it doesn’t waste your precious time on useless ads. Furthermore, it saves time by preventing useless and random websites from opening midway.

Besides these advantages, a couple of other features make our generator tool the best among others made available online by other web pages. You must now be thinking about what more it has to offer. Continue to scroll through the article if you are curious! 

Features Of Excellent And Fancy Bold Text Maker

All Devices Friendly

This tool doesn’t impose restrictions on you to use only a specific device for trying out this generator’s bold font copy-and-paste process. Whether your Laptops, PCs, androids or tablets, this generator is a friend to all devices.


This approach allows you to choose from a wide variety of beautiful bold styles on our webpage to treat yourself to a diverse, eye-capturing text.

Enter The Text Easily

You don’t need special training to use this generator. Type the text you want to be bolded in the generator; that is all you need to do because the rest will be done by this great tool.

Copy And Paste

It’s neither a bluff nor just simple words when we say this tool is easiest to use. Yes, no special hack is needed here because only copying and pasting is required, and our tool allows you to do it easily. Yes, right! Your bolded text generated by this thick and fancy text image changer for Instagram and Google Forms is just a few clicks away!

Same Text

High-quality fonts generated by our bold font generator maintain their same shape and quality when pasted elsewhere.

Quick Results

No need to wait to get the results. Just a few seconds, and your text generated by our bold generator is ready!

Free Of Cost

Indeed, this is our tool’s best feature. Subscribing to use this tool? Premium account to generate the bold text? Nothing is required. Not even a single penny is needed! Isn’t it amazing?

All these above-stated features tag our tool as being user-friendly, thus distinguishing it from other generators available online and making it one of the best tools available online.

How Bold Generator Work To Create Sans And Underline Text?

Whenever you wonder about the real mechanics behind the working of this generator, the word Unicode automatically clicks to your mind. Whichever online text generator it is, be it the glitch or the creepy one, Facebook or the Twitter one, the story always leads to Unicode. Why? Because this standardized system provides us with numerous different characters that this generator alters in numerous different manners using diacritics in unlimited different ways to give rise to numerous different writing styles. In the case of the small and courier bold font generator, as already mentioned, it does this by adding extra stroke volume to the text to give it a final thickened look that makes it stand out.

Conclusion: Create Prominent Bolded Text Within Seconds

In conclusion, if you want to make your text pop out and be more prominent, this time new roman and fraktur bold text with a colour generator will help you. Considering the above-stated facts that make it admirable, it is proved that this tool is indeed one of the best. This tool will not disappoint you if you want people not to miss important points on posters or essays. Not only this, you can use the splendid bold text created by this tool on any interface, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to accent your posts and add life to the dull, unnoticeable text.

This bold font maker serves as a breath of fresh air for those who wanted to make certain points more noticeable and emphasized but couldn’t because of the inability of the keyboards to support this text format. So, visit our webpage and enjoy this reliably smooth experience with our bold text generator and release your stress because it will ensure that you end up with striking-looking, popped-out bolded text that itself screams about the hidden crafty talent of the scribes.


Bold text is usually thicker and hence, more prominent than the remaining text, which grabs the attention of the reader and implies that a particular point needs the reader’s attention. 

It can be used when you want to emphasize a certain factor and wish the reader to pay close attention to it because it is an important point.

It is safe because we don’t ask users for personal information or related data.

Visit our website, ” OFG ” and enjoy your experience with all the tools that will add life to your text style.

The tool on our website is ads-free, doesn’t demand users to pay a fee, and is faster working along with other above mentioned features, which make it one the best generators online.