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Are you tired of seeing the same dull and regular text style on your screens daily? Or that playful side of your mischievous mind is dying to do something that will be fun and intriguing. Have you searched everywhere for something this fascinating, but it was like finding a needle in a haystack? Well then, you will be delighted to hear that it’s time for your search to be over because our website, “OFG”, has loads of amazing tools to offer to you. Undoubtedly, the text offered by our usual keyboards is boring and full of monotony and needs those eye-catching, fascinating and engaging vibes. So, to give your bored eyes fresh air, we have created yet another amazing tool, i.e. Unreadable Text Generator. Doesn’t it seem intriguing just hearing its name? 

Unreadable Font Generator makes your text distorted and defective to the extent that its final look is unreadable. Since our keyboards don’t provide us with this facility, this generator will assist you in creating a text style that will attract the attention of the users randomly scrolling through social media. Keep on reading the article below to learn more about this amazing generator.

How to Generate Unreadable Fonts with an Online Font Converter

To assist you with creating this hacky-styled corrupted text, we have provided you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide to choosing the right and unique font for your social media profiles. Just follow these simple steps to get your desired Marvel font.

  • Copy the text you want to convert, and open our website “OFG”.
  • The next step is to paste the copied text in the input box and click the generate button.
  • Copy the text created by our Unreadable death metal generator and paste it on any social media app you want.聽

Furthermore, this generator tool is provided with a craziness meter that will allow you to alter the text’s distortion level and, thus, control the degree of incoherence you want your text to have.

Advantages Of Cool and Stylish Unreadable Text Generator

Fast Results

Our online font converter gives you its best results in just an instant because only a few seconds are needed for it to do the miracle.

Fast Results

Besides being quicker, this tool doesn’t waste your time with ads because we provide an ad-free experience.

No Random Websites Opening

Sometimes working on some websites leads the browsing page to multiple, time-wasting and irritatingly useless web pages. The generator available on our webpage prevents such websites from opening again and again in the middle.

Easy And Simple To Use

This tool is way too easy and simple to use as it provides the users with a smooth experience; no special learning is required for you to operate it.

Features of Unreadable Font Generator: Convert Your Text Into Death Metal Style Font

Free Of Cost

This amazing Unreadable text creator is entirely free of cost. Yes, you have heard right because this glitchy, corrupted text maker works without needing you to spend your money. Furthermore, using this tool doesn’t need any subscription or premium accounts.


Users get the extra facility in the form of a craziness meter provided along with the generator for free.

Runs On All Devices

PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets or whatever device you have, this generator works smoothly on all of them, i.e. It is all devices-friendly.

Good Quality

Blending different signs and symbols with our unreadable font generator is unique and fascinating. This generator is professionally developed to meet the users’ directives of good and reliable quality.

Convenient To Operate

This generator involves a simple procedure to create unreadable text. All you have to do is enter the text and copy and paste it on any interface. It is way too simple!

The results of this generator that makes your text look all glitchy, bizarre and defective to the eye are why this unreadable text is also sometimes referred to as Zalgo text, corrupted or hacker’s text because this unreadable, distorted text created by this tool makes people believe that their system has been hacked when it’s just the creativity of this excellent tool. And for this reason, the generator closely resembles the working style of Zalgo and the Corrupted text generator or you can say glitch text generator.

How Does This Generator Work To Create Unique Fonts Online For Free?

Now that you have created your own corrupted and unreadable text, you must be curious about how this tool does this wonderful job. The real mastermind behind its working is Unicode which uses different signs and symbols, called diacritical marks, then combine them in different and complex patterns and ultimately piles them up randomly above, below or in the middle of the letters, creating a text that the human eyes can neither interpret nor comprehend and can only be read and understood by computers. 

Conclusion: Create Unreadable Text Styles Online

Ultimately, this excellent Unreadable font generator is the best quality among similar tools available online, thus allowing us to make our text look fascinating and eye-capturing. Not only it makes your comments, messages, profiles or username on social media interfaces more prominent, but also, at the same time, it leaves people confused and worried that they may have been hacked. Doesn’t it seem fun?

This unreadable text that gives the impression of a printing error is a source of attraction and fascination for others. But this text can’t be pasted and used on certain sites, not because of some issue with this tool but because those sites don’t support Unicode characters.

So, get your hackers-styled text using this translator and be ready to impress people worldwide by making your texts and fonts unique and unusual.

FAQs: Create Unique Styles In Seconds

Yes, it can be. The cursed and incoherent text that this unreadable text generator creates can be used on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media apps without any restrictions. Just copy the text and paste it wherever you want.

Yes. We have professionally designed for you a large number of similar tools like creepy and glitch text generators, horror text generators, Twitter fonts generator, Disney fonts generators, wide text generators, mirror text generators and several other similar tools, the link of each of which you can find below.

Indeed, it is safe and reliable to use as our webpage neither collects data from the user nor demands sign-ups.

No, our website doesn’t put a compulsion on the user to subscribe or to sign up for a premium account because we provide free-of-cost service.

Our Glitch Text Generator creates glitch text, which has a bizarre and creepy look because of diacritical marks randomly stacked around the letters that make it look like corrupted or hacked text.