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In today’s advanced era, different trends arise daily on social media and become famous overnight. People tend to match these trends to grab attention and look cool. One such trend is alterations in normal text styles. We guess you’re here after seeing some weird and scary text on social media sites or receiving such a text from your friends. Obtaining such content is not a big deal anymore, as we bring you a fantastic tool for this purpose. If you love horror and scary font styles, our scary text generator is surely a great choice for you.

It is a simple tool that gives your normal text a creepy and scary look. Different horror fonts generated by this tool make your text eye captivating and engaging. You can use this horror font generator online to make your profiles catchy and convert your messages to scary ones. Thus, this scary font style will reflect a sense of danger and horror to the viewers. It’s fun to scare your friends by using such fonts.

How to Transform Your Text with Our Scary Font Generator

When you come across such a scary and horror-looking text, you might think it requires some special talent or training to generate this, which is not quite true. Here are some basic steps you need to follow to generate your scary text:

Enter Your Text

Just copy your text or directly write your text in the input box.

Choose Your Font

You will be provided with a list of various variations of text styles, and you can select any desired font available.

Press The Button

As soon as your text is entered, hit the generate button, and your result will be displayed to you.

Save Your Result

You can save your result in image form or directly copy-paste your text.

Hence, simply following these steps, you can easily copy and paste our scary fonts wherever and whenever you want.

Features of Unreadable Font Generator: Convert Your Text into a Death Metal Style Font

Following are some amazing features of our scary font generator that make it a first choice for producing your crazy font style:

  • It provides your required result instantly by following a simple four-step method. No pre-learning or training is needed.
  • It is free of cost. You don’t require a single penny to generate your desired font.
  • It produces your result within seconds without wasting your time on useless advertisements. It is completely free of ads.
  • There is no limitation whether you use this tool on your mobile, laptop, or desktop as it is all devices friendly.
  • No app installation is required to operate this tool. Just visit the website link and get your work done.
  • It ensures your data privacy and security. Your data is removed from all databases as soon as you leave the site.

Advantages of Our Free Scary Font Generator

There are numerous advantages of using our wonderful scary text generator. Some of these are listed below:

  • You can use the generated text on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to make your profiles more attractive and distinctive.
  • You can design your horror movie title with our amazing text-maker tool.
  • This tool provides you a choice to select the color, size, and font style of your own choice. Thus you can customize your scary text with our font changer.
  • Using such scary fonts, you can create American horror story-inspired text with our horror font generator. In this way, you can bring your horror story to life with our text generator.

How Cool Horror Text Generator Tool Works

As we already know, this online font generator follows some easy steps to generate your required text within no time. But curiosity is what actual process has involved in the working of this tool. The answer is Unicode. Unicode does the marvel by converting your normal text into specific symbols and letters.

The Unicode system involves the set of combining characters that are added to other letters and symbols, thus converting them into weird, scary texts. So, you have a great chance to spice up your text with our scary font maker, and the only technique involved to obtain your scary fonts is copy and paste.


In short, this gadget is the right choice for a unique, crazy look for your texts. You can generate horror text easily with our copy-and-paste tool. You just have to provide an input text, and your result will be generated by an effortless method within seconds.

Our scary text generator will give a weird and scary look to your normal daily routine text. Hence, you can use it in designing various horror posters, banners, and stickers. It is very entertaining to scare your friends with multiple horror font styles. This tool is compatible with every device and every site. Try it in YouTube comments, messages, account profiles, bios, and descriptions, and it will definitely add more horror and thrill to any text.


Scary text is an amazing online tool to convert your normal text into a scary and creepy font.

Yes, this tool is completely free of cost. You can generate your desired font without spending a penny.

Our font generator works equally well on all devices. You can use it on your mobile devices, PCs, desktops, or wherever you want.

No, you don’t need any app installation the working with this tool. Just visit the website link and generate your result.